Rugby – How the Sports Work?

Did you know that rugby as a sport came about in 1823? Today you have two versions of this hugely popular sport; the rugby sevens and rugby fifteens. Besides these, there are other versions of the sport like rugby twelves or rugby tens. All versions of Rugby receive huge number of bets from UK bettors as Rugby is one of the most popular and professional team sports in the UK. Rugby is essentially a contact sport. There are 15 players on either side with 7 substitutes. Rugby betting thrives in Wales, deeply rooted in the nation’s sporting culture. From electrifying Six Nations matches to intense club competitions, punters revel in the sport’s physicality and passion. For those seeking to immerse themselves further, more info here on different sports events can be helpful.

How it works:

The main aim of a rugby team is to obviously score more than your opponent. Points will be scored through conversions, tries, drop goals, and penalty kicks. When scores are same at the time the game ends, it is a draw. The match will be divided into two sections, 40 minutes each. The sport field is rectangular with 2 touch judges and a referee. Players must rest during the half-time which lasts for 10 minutes. Following the half-time, both teams must change their ends.

Rugby starts off with what is called a drop kick. This is at the halfway line; the ball needs to travel 10 meters from here. If it does not, the opponent can ask for re-kick. Alternatively, they can ask for scrum/line out on halfway line having an advantage of a throw in. Following every try, game begins at this halfway line where the team failing to score takes a drop kick.

The rugby ball is oval-shaped and made of hand-stitched leather. This makes it harder to handle during rains when it becomes slippery and heavy. While rugby players typically do not wear helmets or pads they will not get typically injured because of the game rules. Players are trained to use their shoulders and arms when they make contact with the other team. There are penalties if contact is above the shoulders. When players flout rules they are given a yellow card. They must then sit out for 10 minutes when it is rugby fifteens and 2 minutes when it is rugby sevens. For a serious offence, a red card will be given and the player can be suspended.

The rugby fifteens is played with a total of 15 players in each team who must play for 80 minutes. This sport was part of the Olympics in the 1900s and USA had won gold twice. Rugby betting is very popular and give number of chances for the bettors to make profit. Every February lot of bets pour in when the 6 nations come underway. The nj online sports betting sites offer the bettors live streaming of sports. They also support variety of bets such as prop bets, live in-game betting, etc. Now it is the Rugby World Cup which is the most prestigious international event that happens every 4 years. In rugby 15s, every team will try to score 5 points by advancing the ball past opponent’s side of the pitch and touch the ball to the ground. Team members can pass the rugby ball sideways or backwards but cannot block. They use different phases like mauls, lineouts, scrums and rucks to keep holding onto their ball. The ball can only move ahead by kicking it forward.

Rugby 7s made its debut in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Here, 7 players make a team who compete for 14 minutes and the games is spread over 3 matches in a day. This is simply a fast-paced version of the traditional sport. Rules of play remain the same and the ball moves forward only by kicking. Play is continuous just like Rugby 15s. Following tries which are worth 5 points, the team that scores can kick the ball for an extra 2 points. Penalty goals are rare in this version of the sport.